From Pastor Leigh - Dwelling in unity

“How good and how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity.” 

That verse from Psalm 133 is what came to mind after spending time packaging meals for Rise Against Hunger this past weekend.

For a few hours last Saturday, folks from most churches in the Northern Association and others joined together to for a common goal: to package 20,000 meals for those in countries where food is scarce. 

We made that goal in short order, which is a testament to the resolve of those involved.  What happened in those hours of working together is also worth noting.

Bright orange hairnets and clear plastic gloves were donned, so that we looked like doctors headed for surgery.  And it was with that kind of focus that participants entered into the tasks at hand.

At each station everyone had a specific chore: measuring rice, dehydrated vegetables, or protein, funneling, adding vitamin packs, sealing, filling bins, running filled packages to the packing station, and more.

The camaraderie at the stations was evident.  People joked and encouraged one another.  We sang.  Some of us even boogeyed in place.  We cheered when another thousand packages were completed. 

At the end of it all, we joyfully clapped and celebrated.  Twenty thousand packages were filled – enough to feed 120,000 people.

It took so little to make a big difference. 

When people come together for a common, gospel-sized purpose, something wonderful happens.  Our best selves step forward and we truly become God’s people. 

For a few hours we experienced the kingdom of God.

Trinity UCC is to be commended for opening up this opportunity to the community.  We have all been enriched by the open invitation to join in this important work – to feed the hungry.

May we seek more opportunities to join together and advance God’s kingdom here. Today.