From Pastor Leigh - The snowball from heaven

The day after Easter was memorable for the beautiful snow that fell overnight.  We went from a cool spring day to a winter wonderland within hours. 

Fortunately, the temperature would not permit the snow to linger and before long, snow was plopping off the branches, throwing snowballs to the ground. 

I know – I was hit by one of those snowballs. 

Here it was, the day after Easter and I was moseying back from the church to the parsonage, already filling my mind with worry (about I don’t even remember what) when – splat! – a pile of snow landed a direct hit on the top of my head.

And I burst out laughing.

It was Easter Monday, for goodness sake, and so soon after the resurrection, there I was noodling over some insignificant thing to worry about.  Ridiculous.

That snowball to the head was, I believe, a reminder from God to lighten up and remember what’s important.  And to laugh and rejoice in the resurrection life we’ve been given.

We claim that Easter is the holiest day of the Christian experience, so why not live as if that were true?  What would that even look like?

Speaking for myself, it would mean letting go of the penchant to worry/obsess over every little thing that comes along, because God is in charge of those things, not me (thank goodness).  As they say, God is in the details. 

It would mean seeing the humor in more things rather than the problems in them.  It would also mean seeing all of the beauty that surrounds us in this amazing world.  It would mean being more appreciative and thankful for what I have right this minute.

What would resurrection-living mean for you?  It’s different for each one of us. 

It probably won’t take a snowball from above for you to figure out that this season of Eastertide is special and needs to be celebrated.  May the season of Easter (April 1-May 13) fill you with special joy!