Wonder if God uses crazy glue?

Seen recently on a sign outside a church in a nearby town...

“We’re all broken. That’s how the light gets in.”

For quite some time now our society has been a disposable one.

Want some cheap entertainment? Check out the local disposal station, assuming they would let you in without your own garbage to dump.

Check out all the “stuff” that gets thrown away, eventually crushed together and taken to the landfill to be buried.

Prepare to be surprised. Why is someone tossing that away? I could use that somehow. Look at all this STUFF getting pitched.

All that broken stuff.

Yes, we have a disposable society. No longer useful? Throw it away.

Perhaps we’re not only talking about stuff? Maybe people as well?

No longer useful? Time to find someone new. How many people have lost their jobs, their careers, and even more, when a company no longer finds you or your position useful?

“I am forgotten as though I were dead; I have become like broken pottery.” – Psalm 31:12 (NIV)

Broken pottery. Not worth keeping. Tossed out.

Ever feel that way? 

Here’s a guess that all of us, at least once in our life, have felt like broken pottery. Beaten down, hopeless, worn out.

Is that the end? We know the answer – of course it isn’t.

It’s interesting that we recognize the Psalms as being the songs of King David. Old Testament superhero, one of the greatest men in ancient Israeli history.

But look closer at David’s life. As a young man he was chased everywhere for seven years while a jealous King Saul hunted him down to kill him. Surely he had some times where he felt beaten, tired, wanting to stop running.

But he persevered. And even became King of Israel.

But then later he did the unthinkable – he cheated with another man’s wife, and then schemed to have the man killed so that he could have the woman for himself. David and Bathsheba.

In most people’s eyes David would have been broken at that point. God could have easily dumped him in favor of a new champion.

But David wasn’t disposable in His eyes. When David repented of his sins God decided to reuse this broken vessel. And the rest is history – David and his son Solomon brought Israel to its highest heights.

Throughout the Bible – and throughout history – God has been the greatest re-user of broken people.

Like his Son, Jesus Christ.

Wait wait, Jesus was BROKEN? He was perfect, right?

During this Lenten season we mark the progression of Jesus’ ministry. And we know how this story ends.

With Jesus beaten, heckled, shouted down. Stripped, bleeding, humiliated, with his clothes gambled over by laughing soldiers.

And then the ultimate disgrace – nailed to a cross and left to die in front of all. The ultimate in brokenness.

But it was all a part of the plan – for three days later God took that broken vessel and restored it against all odds.

Redemption. Salvation. Victory.

Call it the epitome of crazy glue - God raising his Son from the dead. All fixed. Nothing more crazy than that, yes?

Zoom forward to today and our disposable society. You may personally know of someone who is broken, tossed out, feeling worthless.

Maybe you’re that person right now.

If so, remember that sign mentioned above...

We’re all broken...

Yes, all of us. But through God’s grace we know we are forgiven. We repent of our sins and through His never ending love we know we can begin again. 

...That’s how the Light gets in.

And when we’re most vulnerable, our Savior’s shining light is able to penetrate the cracks and show us the Way.

You may feel like a broken vessel, but that’s when God’s love grabs that crazy glue and fixes you up, if you let him. The key - if you let him.

Redemption. Salvation. Victory.

Be that light for someone feeling broken right now. Shine through the cracks. God is using YOU as his crazy glue.

And the next time you have that busted item at home or work - give it another look. Instead of just tossing it out without thinking, consider for a moment...

Just maybe...

From George Churchgoer