Pastor Leigh Pick

Recent Sermons

Where is Your Faith?

From March 11, talk on God's guidance even in the worst situations

Ready to Follow Jesus?


From February 25, a Gospel story asks us if we're a follower or an adversary


Righteous Anger

From March 4, more on the Gospel story of Jesus in the Temple with the Moneychangers, and cleansing our own temples

Children's Sermons

Seeing in the Dark

From March 11, Pastor Leigh shines some light on the kids



From February 18, Pastor Leigh talks to the kids about ways to remember


Cleaning Our Temples

From March 4, Pastor Leigh talks more on the Gospel story of Jesus clearing the Temple of the Moneychangers


Peggy's Preludes

We are blessed to have Peggy Myers as our music director. Her playing on the clavinova spans piano to organ, simple to orchestra. Here we highlight some of Peggy's recent church service preludes, enjoy!

March 11

Lamb of God (Paris/arr. Hayes)


February 25

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross with In The Cross of Christ I Glory (Doane, Conkey/arr. Berry)


March 4

Oh, How He Loves You and Me (Kaiser/arr. Hayes)