A new form of alphabet soup...

There’s no doubt, the world is a faster place today. The pace of life has quickened. You used to be able to take your time, now it seems we need decisions right away.

Transportation is faster. The Air Force has some planes that can fly around the world in hours. Charles Lindbergh’s head would spin.

Communication is faster. And now in our pocket. Imagine putting an old rotary dial phone in your pocket. You’d need one BIG pocket – and a very LONG cord for the phone line.

The advent of social media means we can follow what’s happening on the other side of the world AS it’s happening. Our President still feels the need to Tweet to get his messages out faster, apparently at all hours. A Facebook post can impact an entire population in a day.

And abbreviations are a big part of this. If your message is only 140 characters or less you need to shorten things a bit to get your thoughts out.

There are thousands of them. FYI – For Your Information. BTW – By the way. LOL – Laughing Out Loud. LOLOL – really laughing out loud. Lmao – uh, let’s skip that one...

The military has always been great at abbreviations. It’s not “Commander in Chief,” it’s CINC. Pronounced like the sink in your kitchen. The commander in chief of our Pacific Command is CINCPAC.

And in Washington the President is POTUS – President Of The United States. The First Lady is FLOTUS. The Supreme Court is SCOTUS. Sound like medical conditions, pretty soon they’ll need an analgesic cream to handle those rashes.

RNC, DNC, AARP, AAA, KKK, EIEIO – that last one is some farming group I think...

Anything to speed a message, just abbreviate.

Recently a church in a nearby town had this on their message board outside...


Bet you’ve seen this one before. If not, the answer is...


Get it? If your kids do any texting (and c’mon, ALL kids do texting) they’re not going to take the time to type out “you are.” Instead they go with the trendy version – UR.

Sadly even seasoned adults use UR in their messaging. English teachers are in mourning. The world is slipping away...

But, things change and so does communication. And so does church attendance. It’s not the old days and going to church on Sunday mornings isn’t the given it once was.

Why is that? Maybe it’s that increasing speed of life. Folks just don’t have time to go to church anymore. There are too many other things to do and people want to do as many of them as possible, usually as fast as possible. ASAP.

Or perhaps because of that dizzying speed some folks need that chance to SLOW DOWN and take a breather. Sunday morning seems like a good time to sleep in, kick back, take it easy. Go to church?

Yes. Go to church. It’s that quiet calm place where modern life slows down, at least at Grace Church. To borrow the song line it’s that place “where everybody knows your name.”

It’s a chance to meditate. Or remember with familiar hymns. Or pray to God for all your many blessings and for those not as blessed right now. We all need a good word from others from time to time and we share them.

It’s been great to meet some new faces on recent Sundays. We hope to have more new faces stop in and join us for our meditations and remembrances in the future.

But it’s those familiar faces that we really hope to come back, re-join us. Where everybody knows your name.

Think of the parable of the prodigal son. The father in Jesus’ story was thrilled to have his son come home after a long time away. The child he thought was lost forever was alive and home and Dad exulted.

It’s the same with God who also exults when those of his children make the decision to come back to Him. Not a biblical expert here but I think nothing pleases him more.

We at Grace Church will celebrate when those friends we haven’t seen in a while return for a Sunday service. It’s that quiet time of renewal, filling the spirit, slowing down modern life to a manageable course.

What’s most important to our future church life? UR.

Come see what we mean. Hope you join us for worship this Sunday at 10:45. Be sure not to miss out on some of our famous Grace Church Easter eggs. Yes, famous, the peanut butter eggs are THAT good. Other varieties as well. Production is underway and the ladies always make lots of extras.

Sunday School will begin with our delectable bi-weekly brunch around 9:00, give or take. We adults are studying Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and being challenged by His teachings. Always a great discussion and your opinions are absolutely welcome.

And for those who really are FAR away from home, our new Grace Church website will be launching soon. It will be our way of showing our faith online to anyone around the world, complete with some of Pastor Leigh’s thoughtful sermons and Peggy’s beautiful musical preludes. It’s not Hollywood, more like faithful-hood. Stay tuned...