Just three kinds of people

NOW it’s officially summer! When the local schools have their final day of their year and the kids – and teachers – are home for a much needed summer break, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is.


It’s summer!


But of course summer vacation isn’t all VACATION. There’s plenty to do at work, around the house, everywhere. For instance the grass keeps growing, and so do the weeds.


And for us at Grace Church we have a very busy few months upcoming. There’s a lot to do. One question is – who will do it?


Our friend George Churchgoer went back into the archives to look for inspiration – and found some…




Do a web search and you can probably find a thousand ways to rate or describe people. Some are serious, some downright silly. What kind of vegetable are you? No, really, it’s out there. Stew on that one (cue the rim shot. Get it? Vegetable? Stew?) Shout out to Don Myers…


Perhaps we can really boil it down (no, not stew again) to just three kinds of people out there.


There are people who WISH for things to happen. At some point we all fit into this category. I can wish for someone else to win an election – that’s as far as you’ll go on that one. You can wish for a future trip to Australia – or to Mars. Both are possible but highly unlikely. Especially the Mars one.


Wishing is the easiest of the three to do. Never utter a sound. Anyone can do it, all day long. “I wish I may, I wish I might.” Star light, star bright. Have the wish I wish tonight. Easy.


Make a wish before blowing out those birthday candles. Still waiting for that huge winning lottery ticket but we keep on wishing.


Next are the people who SAY they’ll do some things. Some people make a living from this, namely talk show hosts, TV pundits and most politicians.


You’ve heard the old saying – “talk is cheap.” Things like “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to exercise.” Talk, talk, talk. The only exercise comes from flapping those gums. But we all do it at some point.


Does it get us anywhere? Not usually, but doggone this next time I’m GOING to get it done. I know it. I just said so, right?


Then there’s the third group of people, the ones who actually DO something. They realize that wishing and talking are easy but doing is hard. Sometimes it’s REALLY hard. It’s difficult because doing means moving, making a commitment, taking a responsibility.


It means taking the risk that your efforts may come up short. Or you may get burned in the process. Not every doer wins the big trophy – most go home without any plaudits or even acknowledgement.


But you do it anyway. Why? Because it’s needed. Someone has to do it, why not you? Maybe the point that it’s hard to do that something is the reason to do it – a great feeling of accomplishment follows when you’re eventually done.


At the age of 30 we’re told Jesus was a carpenter. We’ll assume he was a pretty good one – his dad Joseph taught him everything he knew. Like most other carpenters he could have stayed that way the rest of his life and no one would have complained – or noticed. His mother Mary, a widow at that point we’re told, would have appreciated having him around.


Instead he gave up carpentry to follow another calling. He felt compelled by his Father to DO something. Get out there, take a risk, a BIG risk. A three year series of BIG risks.


Mary and Joseph took their own risks to make those beginnings happen. Mary could have refused the call of the angel who said she was destined for great things. With The Magnificat she realized she was to DO something.


Joseph could have easily dismissed Mary when he found out she was pregnant but he didn’t do it. C’mon, what would you have thought? It would have been easy to end it. But he listened to the angel and stayed the course. He took the big responsibility, wasn’t easy, and ultimately changed the world.


Grace Church has some big choices to make this year. We can WISH that everything will go OK. We can SAY we’re all for the change, cheering from the sidelines.


Or we can DO, take some risks, accept some responsibilities. We’ll expend some energy, maybe even more of our own money. And our efforts may not bear immediate fruit. It may take a while, a long while. And you won’t make the newspaper headlines or the Thank You page.


But it’s needed. From ALL of us. Many hands make light work. All hands on deck.




At Grace we’re now on our summer schedule. No Sunday School until September. Worship at 9:30 out on the lawn next to church, if the weather cooperates, or inside if it doesn’t. If it’s inside the AC and ceiling fans are always running.


The temptation is to take it easy over the summer – we can miss church this week, no big deal right? And next week…and the week after that…


Instead of a summer lull we need to be DOING things. Realize that DOING is the ultimate route to fulfillment. And boy, do we have a lot to do, now and in the future. You won’t be bored. Are you in?


God is calling us. Interesting times are coming. Take the risk and become a part, or become a part again. Maybe call summer a practice period for autumn because this fall will be VERY busy.


Hope to see you Sunday morning. C’mon, it’s not THAT hard…


From George Churchgoer